Image Optimisation

Everything You Need to Know About Image Optimisation

In this 21st century, the level of technology has continually been manifested and used more widely than ever in the history of the world. The demand for digitisation is higher than ever and a greater percentage of people globally are connected in one way or another to the internet which is readily available almost everywhere in the world. This has made transactions faster and it has become rare to see someone waiting in a queue for long hours waiting for a service which he could receive by using his phone. The awareness of quick services is becoming more common in the mind of many customers.

Many organisations have adopted image optimisation so as to increase the speed of the services and products. Images in your website play a very big role in attracting and retaining your esteemed customers. Recent studies have shed light on the emerging trend in Google search results that show there has been a considerable increase in those who are using the internet and have been searching for images. This amazing trend is soon leading to a shift on how search results should be optimised with many more organisations going to image optimisation. That’s why your website should have image optimisation feature.

Why Image Optimisation?

Image optimization basically promotes your website in that it increases ranking in the search engines and also makes those who visit your site happy since it reduces the loading time. You should know that a great number of consumers prefer doing their research over the internet before making a purchase decision in the retail stores. In fact, a study done in the United States shows that more than 81% of all consumers do some research on the internet before buying the products. But why should you really do some image optimization in your website? Well, take a look at the following:

  • The web nowadays is increasingly visual – we all love pretty pictures and all web designers know this. The more the pictures you have, the more optimized it is.
  • The web is becoming increasingly mobile – in May 2015, a research shown that many types of research are done over the mobile than on the desktop
  • Your web needs to be fast for anyone doing any search – if you ask your consumers, slow websites really annoy someone and it can lead to some never visiting your site again.
  • Images are costly – invest in high-quality images for your website.
  • For content optimization – usually image optimization is like the keyword optimization and you cannot ignore the importance of image optimization.

How to Do Image Optimisation

While optimizing images you need to have some basic knowledge of how to carry out the whole process. This is how to do image optimization:

  • File naming – this is a basic factor but many overlook it. Always avoid giving generic and default names but use words that describe the image accurately
  • The Alt tags – this is where keywords are put. Avoid stuffing tags and use a single descriptive phrase per tag
  • Text – you need to choose the words that surround your image wisely since search engines depend on them
  • Upload your image to various sites and tag them with keywords
  • Make sure you optimize also the pages that contain the images
  • Use the appropriate image size for faster loading
  • Avoid using too many images in your page – every image should relate properly with the content in your page.