Press Releases

What are Press Releases?

All You Need to Know About Press Releases

In simple terms, a press release is a written type of communication that reports specific but short information about an event, a circumstance, and various happenings. Usually a press release is connected to a certain business or organization and released to the media, however, the media determines whether they will air or release it to their listeners and viewers. If the release interests their readers or benefits the community, the media will air it. Some bloggers and twitter users may take up your press release and use it in their social networks if it is worthy.

As an organization or entrepreneur, you should make your press release as much interesting as possible that will catch the interest of the reader. As said previously, it should be brief containing a quote of either one or two of the products you offer and a summary of what your company does, your contacts and facts that will convince your readers you are the best. Your photos should be of high resolution that will attract the reader.

If your press release is eloquent, unique, attention-grabbing, valuable, a blog or newspaper, it is likely to make your company or your brand really visible, you get a golden link, mention and referral traffic. It can also have direct value in which it appears in the results of search engines. If it happens to appear in the News section in the search engines, you are sure to have amazing organic traffics in your website and awareness of your brand. But the question is, how do you write a great press release? Let’s know how

Writing A Great Press Release

The press release is a public relations strategy that every entrepreneur and organizations should take very seriously and designed in a way that makes it the most attractive and visible among equals. The following points will help you come up with the best press release:

  • Write an Attention-grabbing headline
  • Go directly to the point in your very first paragraph
  • Support your information with numbers, quantify the data
  • Make your release error-free in terms of grammar
  • Include attractive and relevant quotes
  • Don’t forget to include your contacts
  • Limit yourself to one page
  • Show people how to get more information by providing links

What is the importance of producing a good press release anyway?

Benefits You Get From a Great Press Release

  • It always improves Visibility – every serious business person understands the importance of being visible by the consumers. This enables your customers to understand what you do, how you do it and the reason for doing it. And when they get answers to the 3 questions, be assured they create some traffic into your website
  • Brand Name Recognition – of course when your company or organization is known all over the world, it means that the brand of your company will be known everywhere.
  • Referral Traffic- this means you use your story to get more of new customers and using links to direct people to your website.
  • Natural links from external sources
  • You will save some coins since it is not expensive – this is one of the most inexpensive means of marketing your products and organization
  • Your press release could go viral – imagine if your organization releases a brilliant copy done by a person with great grammar command; there are high chances that your release will be entertaining yet informative. It will fall into the hands of reporters and will begin to share it all around the globe. It happens, just be quality driven and one day your press release may go viral.
  • It is possible to exploit various fields of interest by means of press release