How to Legally Change Your Name

People change their names due to various reasons like getting married, gender reassignment, and divorce. Some people change their name because they just simply hate the name they were born with. Changing a name is a process, it takes time and therefore it is just not a one-stop shop.

If you want to change your name in Australia, you must apply for a legal name change with the births, marriage and deaths. After approval, you get a legal name change certificate; if the birth is registered in the state, the birth certificate is amended.

Whichever way you want to change your name, whether it is one name, the spelling of your name or order or even your full nails as you are required to do a legal name application. The cost of these changes is the same no matter how small or big the change is.

A name can be changed by association, notify your family, colleagues and friends of the new name and start using it immediately. The new name will change by reputation in the community and it can be your new name without making any formal steps. Organisations will not give officials documents using your new name.

The old name will still be in your documents, but in the community, you will have a new name by association. Organizations will only allow you to use a new name only if you present your legal name change or an amended birth certificate.

In Australia any citizen or a permanent resident that is above 18 years, is able to apply for a legal name change at birth, death and marriage. If you are taking your spouse name after marriage or divorce, you do not need a name change.

To apply for a name change, I need to do it in the state where I was born or the state that I currently reside in. If living in a different state from the one that I was born in, I will need to show proof that I lived in that state for the minimum amount of time before eligibility to name change. If I was living in the state, I will need to show evidence of residence when lodging my application in the state where I currently live.

Changing names has a cost and assuming you buy an easy name change personalized kit, you will have your documents and paper work changed to the new name in 6 to 9 weeks. In addition, charge different fees. The fees are non-refundable and a successful application costs between $50 and $200. To know the current name charge fees, you need to check the easy name change guide or contact BDM.

Once the process of changing your name is complete, you must inform all the organisations, the soonest the better. Ensure that the driving license and the passport are given a priority. You are only allowed to change your name once in a year and only up to 3 times in your lifetime.